It’s a caffeine apocalypse. And I’ve been infected.

img027One second without coffee and I swear I’m getting the shakes.

My friends get that look and they look and they look and they know,  I know they know because I see their caffeine-less hands quiver (I say ‘friends’…. they may or may not be imaginary….). My specs are a mirror for my blood shot eyes and my heavy head, and I begin to feel my brain dripping quietly onto the floor… as the class goes on and our brains drip futher out we find were drowning rapidly in a sea of lost minds, and we swim carelessly to the glass doors of our little haven: ‘the blessed coffee shop’.

In stunned silence we hiccup our order to our saviours, the humble barista’s with their top-knots and styled moustaches. Our arms raise, our skin pales, our hair thins and our eyes gleam yellow to the hew of the astronomically unaffordable coffee price tags as we evolve into a desperate horde of unfed zombies.

And we sit alone with a book, with a smile, as we sip our life blood and slowly turn once more into functioning human beings. Mildly ready for life and with nothing but an old tesco recipt from three weeks ago and a snippet of tumbleweed in our purses.

This is what we’ve become.

And by we…. I mean me.


Life. In a nutshell. Help me.

img025I wake every morning to the peircing shriek of my alarm, eyelids heavy and brain mushed from a long night of overthinking – asking the biggest questions at the worst of times. Picking up a book, scrolling mindlessly through my twitter feed only to find that I’m slowly losing my mind to an insular spiral of procrastinating despair.

This is student life.

And as the tea and the coffee cups compile your pupils dilate on a tired high as the day rapidly decreases and the moon rises and the work piles higher. We’ll never manage our time. I guess it’s only human.

Howdy all :^D


Hey there, hows it going??

I’m a sad confused, and profusely awkward student who lives in the clouds, far from society and sailing on a sea of perpetual bafflement about how real people live and their estrangement from my protruding nerdiness.

I am a ball of yellow-haired stress who lives off of cheap, strong coffee and a deep appreciation of the equally enriching and confusing tapestry of humanity.

Join me as I unravel the thread of who we are, why we are, and my confusing life through a series of crudely drawn comics and a pointless string of badly expressed dialectic.

Thanks peeps,

Love, the girl in CONSTANT crisis.

P.S. Can YOU tell me why life is so DARN CONFUSING?